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Super Channel Bender XP


“Letter Box Profile”
Flat and profiled strips up to 200 mm and 1.6mm
Flange tool
Increased productivity

Super Channel Bender

LetterBox Profile 150

LetterBox Profile 100

LetterBox Profile 60

Flat Strips

Acute Angles

Flange tool

Plexiglas-fronted letter without trim

Template for Plexiglas letter

Plexiglas-fronted letter

Super Channel Bender

Super Channel Bender

SuperChannel Bender XP automatically produces the edges of your letters from aluminium coils, stainless steels, profiles and other materials from 0.6 to 1.6 mm thick and from 20 to 200 mm high (see characteristics table).

The flat strips are folded using:

A "Flange Tool" to make it easier to attach the bottom of the letters to the edges
A "grooving" tool allowing the bending of sharp angles
A new innovative hole-drilling system (Punching Tool) for direct riveting of the strip to the bottom. Coupled with the automatic management of an Overlap and the use of pre-painted strips, this machine allows you to save the usual bottom welding and edge painting operations!